Sunday, January 25, 2009

Assignment 2: Print to Web


SELF-EVALUATION The poster had to be re-set using browser safe fonts, however I believe it's just as plausible to typeset the poster in the original Swiss face and slice the entire page up. However, updating "image" based typography would pose to be more work than it's worth, especially when information is likely to change as on the web. Overall I think the solution, still makes the information easy to read and maintains the original impact of the imagery.


  1. I think that your webpage layout is very good. You moved the Lehigh University Logo to a place where it is appropriate for a webpage and the font change that you needed to do doesn't take away from the aesthetics of the layout. Your color scheme is good and simple and the menu bar and search bar added to the top of the page is a nice touch.

  2. The cropping of the one photo was a great way of placing the information that you needed without appearing cramped. All the text follows a distinct grid without appearing static. Great job!