Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Portfolio Inspiration

As I'm working on the development of my website I have collected some sites that I admire and some nice postings about portfolio development that I think are worth noting here.

I like the design of the following sites:
wilson minor Beautiful simplicity, nice use of color and great modern logo.
mr. diggles I like how the about functions on this site.
giant creative I like the "sliding" portfolio pages.
frank chimero I like the simplicity of the navigation and the content of his pages.

I like how type is handled in the following links:
jon tangerine I like the footer design here as well.
matt bango I like how the thumbs are presented.

Liking the "feel" of these sites:
100 layer cake
ray's blog
louise fili

Great articles on portfolio design:
Creating a Successful Online Portfolio
Fuel Your Creativity
Art of Self-Branding by Lea Alcantara

Current color and web trends for 2009 and beyond:
Color Trends
Web Trends

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