Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In Class Website Crits

Jennifer— (Studio Iphestos II )For a first website I think that you met the challenge with nice graphic simplicity and function. E-commerce sites tend to be complex because of the needed functionality. I think it would beneficial for you to choose an e-commerce site to model your site after if you would like to seriously publish this site for your mother's business. It's a great first start, but once you look at other sites, I think that you will find that you will have to approach your layout differently. Plus, you'd have to kick your coding skills up a notch! Nice work!

Marina— (35millimoser) Your first site is a nice effort considering the amount of divs! I would re-evaluate your color choices for your site if you plan on using it as a portfolio site. I also wish I was certain how your navigation would function. If your other pages fill in the main shape, then I would make sure that horizontal and landscape images will look nice in this shape. Nice work, considering the challenge it was to learn all this coding!

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